Can music restrict our imagination?

Music has been the most powered instrument and has shaken and modified our emotionality, but at the same time it can restrict our multiple sensations, limiting them with lyrics and metaphoric significances which not always can express all what we´re feeling inside.

We live in a world full of stimulus where they tell us how to feel, how to imagine it and picture it in our mind, the consumer society make us feel identified with some supposed authenticities, but they are fake, this is part of the mass market and the stereotypes it generates.

Nowadays a lot of artists have wanted to get rid of these figurative and straight languages, looking for something beyond of what we consider as abstraction, subconscious and sensations, where the essence is the experience and we make our own ideas. Kant in his aesthetic proposed that the elements of an art piece, whether they are colors or sounds, have a value by themselves and the combinations can become something meaningful and produce a message, therefore it's completely possible to create an art piece that can evoke only its internal values, and those internal values Kant talk about, are made by each one of us, are made by our own experience with the art piece.

Instrumental music has always been abstract, are messages that don’t necessarily represent something, and only the bad critics invent stories in passages like Beethoven’s, like they stand for storms, or love, or whatever. All that just to codified us and limit our imagination.

I, as a musician, could have written actual lyrics as anyone, expressing ideas that can interpellate you, but I wanted to do something else, wanted to give an abstract idea and open the door to new interpretations, experiences, memories, desires and forms of existences.

This an invitation to exist, with your tastes, your memories, your emotions, it’s an invitation to speak from yourselves without using words from someone else. With all Lozk’s songs, we can discover new aesthetic experiences, because his music is not limited by just one genre, it’s rather a sound and rhythmic experimentation, without losing its particularity.

If you want to listen my latest album and check out this music that can free your imagination, click here.

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