'Meaningless Words' mixes electronica, experimental, drum 'n' bass,  post-industrial and some other electronic genres with world music. 

As its name says, the lyrics have no meaning at all, they are only random syllables. 

The concept is that the lyrics don't influence what the music makes you feel, instead, it's the music by itself that speaks.

This electronic album mixes different genres such as experimental, electronica, industrial, big beat, ambient, and drum n' bass. It has also elements and techniques used in concrete and electro-acoustic music. It is mainly done with sound samples Lozk recorded himself from ordinary and quotidian objects, sounds from the street, animals, and musical instruments. 

The songs Twilight Run, Aquarium, and Requiem Machina were made exclusively with only one instrument each (a vertical piano, a Spanish classical guitar, and the human voice respectively). Every sound in these songs came originally from those instruments. Those sounds were processed and modified to suit the requirements of the song.

The few lyrics in Irrational were inspired by Tristan Tzara's How to Make a Dadaist Poem, it is, basically, to cut out different words from a magazine or a newspaper, put them in a bag and then pick up random words from that bag. The lyrics were done with the same technique, except it was done with single syllables instead, so the lyrics have no meaning at all.

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