Get a Digital Copy of Lozk’s Latest Album, MEANINGLESS WORDS, For Just $9.00!

Order 'Meaningless Words' now because as Scallywag Magazine mentioned, "Lozk is a must download for electronic and experimental music fans." 

As its name says, the lyrics in this album have no meaning at all, they are only random syllables. The concept is that the lyrics don't influence what the music makes you feel, instead, it's the music by itself that speaks.


As the blog Poet and Pariah said "if you’re looking for well-crafted instrumentals to help you chill and relax, but that also have a deliciously dark lean, this artist is for you, through and through.

In short, if you are in to music with some substance and intention, and electronica artists like Bonobo, DJ Shadow, Amon Tobin, Nicolas Jaar, and others like them, Lozk would be a great artist for you to take a listen to.


So click the order button below and get instant access to Lozk’s latest album, “Meaningless Words”, and discover why the The Huffington Post, URB Magazine, and EDM Sauce are all talking about this iconoclastic artist."

You will receive a digital download of Meaningless Words via email, immediately after placing your order

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