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Lozk has released two albums with European record labels: Irrational (Zube Records, UK, 2013) and Meaningless Words (Tonrausch Recordings, Austria, 2016).

Also has released EP's with Splitting Sound Records (Serbia), CVLT Forest (Russia) and Line Secret Records (Spain). The band has appeared in music compilations of record labels like Solphet Music, Catharsis, Audiokult Soundtracks y Sonis Rai. 

Live Videos

“With his unique soundscapes and iconoclastic compositional style Lozk is clearly turned on to something new in electronic music.”

-URB Magazine 

Lozk mixes electronic music with autochthonous music from different regions of Colombia.

Lozk is a risked and avant-garde audiovisual band, looking to make a reinterpretation from the Colombian traditional music, from the ancestral to contemporary customs, in order to rescue the artistic aesthetics from autochthonous cultures of Colombia.


With intense sounds, energetic rhythms and  the flow of Colombian music, Lozk takes the audience to a sensorial and emotional experience. 

“Lozk has discovered a way to fuse the organic with the inorganic, it mimics the sensation of motion in both the mind, spirit and body, taking you on a sonic journey that is fluid and shifting, where the end and the beginning are one."

-Huffington Post 

Official Videos

“He pushes the genre forward by breaking boundaries and providing momentum in a style that has stagnated for too long. Lozk is a new sort of musical genius, the kind the twenty first century needs”

-EDM Sauce 

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